House Democrats propose new Dream and Promise Act to protect undocumented youth

Hope for millions of young undocumented immigrants in America, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats introduced an updated DREAM Act, with the goal of providing them permanent legal protections and a pathway to citizenship.

The bill, called the Dream and Promise Act of 2019, would benefit about 3.6 million young undocumented immigrants — including the 800,000 who have been protected under the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program or DACA.

The bill would grant young undocumented immigrants, known as Dreamers, conditional permanent status for 10 years and cancel any removal proceedings if they meet certain requirements.

They would have to be continuously physically present in the U.S. for four years, preceding the date of the enactment of the bill, were 17 years or younger when they first arrived in the US, pass a background check, have a clean criminal record and a graduate from high school or an academic equivalent.

They would also be eligible for in-state college tuition and financial aid.

Even some already-deported undocumented immigrants would be allowed to return to the u-s under the bill.

It’s unclear if this new Dream act would receive bipartisan support.

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  • Mario
    13 March 2019 at 9:43 pm - Reply

    This is another diversion under Democrat,since they took over the house they talk about obstructions,Russian Collusion,Impeachment instead of working and passing a bill.NOTHING DONE..On 2010, Obama passed Dream Act,1M children brought in illegally will get path to citizenship, but Senate Dems kill the bill in the Senate.2012 DACA was born Obama signed exec order,Obama had 5 yrs to legalized DACA,until Jan 19,2017, Obama abandoned DACA.Jan 20, 2017, Trump inaugurated as POTUS.Feb 28,2017 Trump back on DACA DOJ said it will take 6 months legalized DACA. Sep 13,2017 hosted working dinner with top Democrat DACA was ready, Trump tweeted NO DEAL made.Jan 9,2018 Trump ended DACA,but on Jan30,2018 made a counter offer of 1.8M Dreamers.Feb 23,2018, Democrat abandoned again. Mar 5 Trump come out with legislative fix,3-23-18, Trump tweeted DACA was abandoned again by the DEMs because it is tied to the border wall.Today Pelosi introduce Dream and PROMISE Act.We will see if Dems are sincere.

  • Santiago Del Mundo
    14 March 2019 at 2:05 am - Reply

    Those people holding those signs and protesting whatever are just wasting their time! Thanks Tito Mario for pointing the obvious lack of knowledge or just misinformed… During the Obama era, the same congress or senate shutdown DACA and it did not pass… And deportation by the Obama administration was to the max. So now, the same tactics are about to be used again by the Democrats, to convince people to vote for them…after that, you’ll deported