CA candidate TJ Cox vows to protect families, uphold immigration

SAN FRANCISCO — Fil-Am Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives, TJ Cox, was at a San Francisco fundraiser to share his plans if elected for California’s 21st district in the San Joaquin Valley.

Cox drew attention to how his opponent — the Republican incumbent, Congressman David Valadao, who says he is for immigration reform but is not doing enough about it.

Cox slammed Valado for putting out a survey regarding the separation of families at the US-Mexico border.

“That’s completely unacceptable. I know that and you know that, and everyone knows that. In the midst of all this, my opponent is asking ‘what should I do?’ You don’t need to be a Congressman or anyone to know what you should do.”

Born to a Chinese father and a Filipina mother, Cox says he knows how important immigration is to families — which he vows to uphold against the Trump administration.

“One sister came across and another sister and finally the entire family was here. We go back and forth all the time, and so the policies of this administration is detrimental to immigration policies not only Filipinos, but for people from every other nation.”

As an engineer and business owner, Cox says that the Republican Party is failing the country — especially the people of his district.

“I’m standing up for, more than anything else, our shared American values.”

Cox remains optimistic to flip his 21st district blue, after backing Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.


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