“Horrible Bosses 2” stars shares what they are thankful for this past year

The outrageous trio of hapless employees turned aspiring criminals returns in “Horrible Bosses 2.”

The movie is expected to draw a big audience just like the first one did three years ago.

Apart from their successful careers, its stars Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis admit they have plenty to be grateful for.

“I’m gonna get real cheesy and just say, health and happiness of my family. It’d be great to have that be constant,” said Bateman.

“You’re looking at three fathers and I think when you have kids, your happiness and their happiness are tied together,” said Day.

“I never used to think like that though,” said Bateman.

“It’s unfortunate but the kid has completely crippled my ability to make jokes,” said Sudeikis. “I’m really happy for the family.”

Sudeikis and his partner actress Olivia Wilde had their first baby last April.

In “Horrible Bosses 2,” the boys leave behind their lives as long-suffering employees and become bosses themselves.

They invented a showering device that seems to be made for the laziest people in the world.

The actors share their own crazy invention ideas.

“Grade school project, my buddy Terry and I invented a board game,” said Sudeikis. “A basketball-based board game. We didn’t fill out the paperwork so we got a C. It was a good game, I promise you that.”

Day came up with a way to get out of traffic.

“I want to just park the car and put on a backpack that has those drone helicopters? Take my iPhone and hit ‘Home’ and just have it lift me up and take me home,” said Day.

Also in the movie is “Star Trek” hero Chris Pine who’s playing against type and shows his comedic side.

“Horrible Bosses 2” features Christoph Waltz, Kevin spacey, Jamie Foxx.

Jennifer Aniston also returns in the sequel.

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