Hopeful Fil-Am Democrats look toward November

PHILADELPHIA – For some young Fil-Am democrats attending the Democratic National Convention, they say it was more than just witnessing history as Hillary Clinton became the first woman to officially become the first woman in history to accept a major party’s nomination as president of the United States.

It was listening to the stories of political figures and other speakers who gave their testimonies of American values.

California delegate Genevieve Jopanda said, “I cried earlier when they had the newly naturalized citizens do the pledge of allegiance. That just brought me back to what my parents went through and what a lot of our family members did to sacrifice leaving back home to live here and we need to fight for that.

And they say last week during the Republican National Convention it was clear that Donald Trump does not represent American values due to his hateful rhetoric and inexperience.

“Donald Trump does not do that for us,” said Jopanda. “He does not represent what immigrant communities needs and we do not want to move backwards.”

Melissa Ramoso adds, “I will not take advice from someone who has no foreign policy experience or no role relationships in government work.”

These Fil-Ams compared the two conventions to night and day saying that the Democratic Party offers more realistic ideas of hope and change.

Arkansas delegate Joshua Price said, “The Democratic Party is inclusive rather than exclusive. The Republican Party is very exclusive. We have people here from all walks of life, cultures, men, women, different religions, LGBT, and I think it’s important we come together we are the face of America. And I say, especially to young people, get involved. If you want to change this country, get involved.”

These democrats have united behind Clinton and say they will now try to unify with the supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders.

California delegate Meriam Reynosa said, “Senator Sanders is a good representative. He has good values and yah he was great at bringing those young people but if we shut the doors as Hillary supporters to them we are going to lose a lot of votes. So it is important that we work together.”

These Fil-Ams say that one of their goals following the convention is to outreach to more kababayans and make sure they are registered voters and know where and how to cast their vote in the November elections.

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