Honolulu Mayor’s Letter To Stop Non-Essential Travel to Hawaii

HONOLULU, HI — Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell held a press conference Tuesday afternoon following Hawaii’s first confirmed death from coronavirus.

He announced that he will be writing a letter to President Donald Trump requesting to halt all non-essential travel to Hawaii: a move these locals welcome.

“Siguro mag tulong tulong nalang tayo na discipline natin ang sarili natin. We need to cooperate with the government just to stop the virus.”

“It’s really a value to stop all non-essential travel because then it’s easier for us to manage what we already have.”

The state has instituted a mandatory, 14-day quarantine for all incoming visitors and returning residents from the mainland and international destinations, and will expand the order to include inter-island travel Wednesday.

The Hawaii tourism authority said 121 visitors arrived in the islands on Monday in comparison to about 30,000 travelers a day at the same time last year. These visitors continue to travel to the islands, heightening concerns that state and county resources could be overwhelmed.

“We would be otherwise okay if we don’t have any more people traveling to Hawaii. This is the hub between east and west. We’re located in the middle of Pacific where all international airlines, they all converge here.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, Hawaii has confirmed 224 COVID-19 cases along with its first related death. Of those cases, 157 are on Oahu.

While it is uncertain whether or not Trump will respond to the letter, Mayor Caldwell believes that it will send a strong message to travelers considering Hawaii vacations during the pandemic crisis.

Neighbor island mayors have supported the decision and the governor is reviewing the letter at this time.

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  • Mario
    1 April 2020 at 1:54 pm - Reply

    HAWAII is one Party system, all Democrat Control, Gov IGE on the photo a Japanese ethnicity, not included in the conference who is active and knowledgeable on CV19 is his LT.Governor GREEN (Haouli-Caucasian). GREEN was elected because he is a practicing doctor, who goes to rural areas, IGE excluded GREEN in his group to fight CV19, knew that GREEN might run for Governor next election and the Japanese community is preparing for a Jap Candidate to run as Governor. Mayor Caldwell writing a letter to TRUMP is a HOULI-Caucasian, learned from the mistakes of the top 5 INFECTED STATES,(1)NY-74,427,(2)NJersey-18096,(3)CA-8131.(4)Michigan-7615 (5)Illinois-5994. The top 5 (all Democrat State) in the beginning, they followed the OBAMA-BIDEN CDC protocol until it exploded, then seek help from the TASK FORCE VIRUS, that replaces the BROKEN SYSTEM. The OBAMA-BIDEN Test KIT failed, it’s FAKE, 2 out of 3 are defective, former CDC Director should be investigated. This is what to expect: OBAMA-BIDEN health care, OBAMA-BIDEN border policy.etc. That is why Sanders is thinking of running for a 3rd Party and HClinton knew she is a better candidate than BIDEN.