“Hold These Truths” tells the story of American internment camps

PALO ALTO — It was in 2012 when Joel de la Fuente starred in the off-Broadway premiere of “Hold These Truths,” before going on to perform the show throughout the nation.

Now, De la Fuente will now be reprising his role of Japanese American Gordon Hirabayashi who fought internment to a relocation camp during World War II in a presentation by Theatre-Works Silicon Valley.

De la Duente hopes that the Bay Area audience will appreciate the story of Hirabayashi’s journey from college, to the Supreme Court, and eventually to a presidential medal of freedom.

“Gordon was a Japanese-American quaker and he was just following his principles and by doing so he ended up on this incredible decades-long journey to sort of to help shine a real light on the constitution.”

De la Fuente says it is obvious that the themes in the play are similar to current immigration issues.

“You’re talking about internment camps. You’re talking about separating people from their communities and putting them in these camps that is the same exact language that is being used right now on the border down south. They’re separating families.”

Knowing that artists can be stereotyped as liberals — De la Fuente has this response.

“I don’t think anyone can argue this story absolutely has relevance today. Whether if people are saying it pushes an agenda or not that’s really up to them. We’re just trying to tell a story about someone that really lived, who is a genuine american hero.”

De la Fuente hopes that the audience can take away the fact that no matter your color or where your family is from, all Americans have the right to fight for truth and justice.

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