‘Historya’ exhibit takes visitors through an artistic timeline of Philippine history and independence

ALBERTA — The story of the Filipino people is told in an exhibit held as part of the celebrations throughout the province during this year’s Alberta culture days.

‘Historya’ takes guests in a walk-through timeline of Philippine history from the formation of the 7,641 island archipelago, from the early beginnings of Filipino civilization, to the colonization years, all the way up to the country’s Democratic independence.

The exhibit demonstrates how the Filipino culture was shaped, and how it continues in different aspects such as geography, bioregion and history.

The exhibit was hosted by the University of the Philippines Alumni Association Edmonton. The group describes ‘Historya’ as an excellent exhibit of Philippine history worth sharing — a showcase and a reminder of our roots as Filipinos.

“We started with an idea of an exhibit that cater to the Filipino children and the Canadians who don’t have any idea about the history and culture, and because most of them have not really gone to the Philippines,” saidKehrl Reyes.

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