Historic Filipino American History Month celebration at Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON DC — This Filipino-American History Month celebration is going down in history as the first-ever on Capitol Hill.

The event was hosted by the newest Fil-Am on the congressional block, U.S. Representative TJ Cox of California.

This historic reception was held at the agricultural committee room at the Longworth House Office Building.

“Right now there are two Filipino-Americans, myself and Representative Bobby Scott from Virginia in the House, there will be more in the future and once again, Filipino Americans make such great contributions to our country,” said Rep. Cox.

“It’s the beginning of a great tradition, this is the first event we’ve had to celebrate the month in Capitol Hill and it’s going to be an annual event,” said Virginia Rep. Bobby Scott.

Lawmakers showed their solidarity with the Filipino-American community of Washington D.C. through messages that tackled representation at the nation’s capital.

Cox said it’s just the beginning, and Filipino-American History Month celebrations at the Capitol will only get bigger and better in the following years.

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