Historic 14-day Bay Area teachers’ strike ends with salary increases

It was a historic 14-day teacher’s strike in the San Francisco Bay Area, and it finally ended with a new contract that raises teachers’ salaries.

Close to 600 teachers and school staff of the New Haven Unified school district, as well as their 11,000 students, went back to their classrooms Monday morning, in time for the last week of school.

This — after they voted yes on a salary deal with their school district, New Haven Unified.

The new contract gives teachers a 3 percent increase this year, effective only on January 1. They will get an additional 3 percent raise next year. The district also awarded them a one-time 2.5 percent bonus this year.

But according to the New Haven Teachers Association, the teachers overall lost 7.5 percent of their salaries while striking.

A big number of Filipino teachers and school staff, as well as Filipino students, were affected in the strike.

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