Hinjabi Project’s new exhibit highlights traditional Philippine textiles and folk art

Jenny Bawer Young is demonstrating the art of weaving that comes from the mountain provinces of northern Luzon.

Weaving since the age of 10, Young emphasizes how each item is uniquely and traditionally hand-made.

“Weaving itself is not that difficult, but you have to have a lot of patience when you do it and you have to clear your mind when you do it because your energy will go onto the weaving.”

This is part of the Hinabi Project’s third exhibit, entitled “Mountain Spirits: Textiles and Folk Arts of the Cordilleras and Ilokos.”

Here at the Philippine consulate in San Francisco — guests are able to purchase different items and were treated to cultural performances.

The full exhibit featuring selected vintage and commissioned textiles, baskets, carvings, and photographs can be found at the mills building, located five blocks east of the consulate.

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