Highlights from Pres. Donald Trump’s inaugural address

WASHINGTON DC — There were no surprises with President Donald Trump’s inaugural address. His speech at the U.S. Capitol on Friday painted a bleak picture of America’s condition and how he plans to turn it around — an echo of the lines that won him the electoral vote last November.

In his speech, Trump talked about becoming “the real rulers” of the nation — saying that great schools, safe neighborhoods and good jobs are reasonable demands from a righteous public.

These were words that captured the vote of a many in middle America, who may have felt forgotten or neglected.

He also said from this day forward it will only be America first — from jobs, trade, and immigration, to foreign affairs. These are lines which some have been describing as protectionist, even isolationist.

Trump said he will pursue friendships with other nations, reinforce old alliances, build new ones, but without imposing America’s values. He said, no room for prejudice.

“Hear these words–you will never be ignored again,” he told the crowd of thousands.

Some commentators note it was not the usual buoyant or eloquent inaugural address, but one that was aggressive, uncomplicated and distinctly Trump’s style, resonating with his supporters.



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