By Henni Espinosa, ABS CBN North America Bureau

June 3, 2013

Davis, Calif – The hero dog from the Philippines that lost her snout and upper jaw saving the lives of two young girls was officially released from the veterinary teaching hospital at the University of California, Davis and cleared to return to her family.

Kabang, the 2-year shepherd mix was reported to have jumped in front of a speeding motorcycle in Zamboanga last December 2011, saving the lives of her owner’s daughter and niece who were on the path of the oncoming motorcycle.

She lost her snout and upper jaw and was left with a gaping wound on her face.

Her remarkable survival captured the attention of the news media in the Philippines and eventually the hearts of hundreds of people around the world, who provided funds through the private organization Care for Kabang for her nearly eight months of treatments.
Kabang was brought to UC Davis in October 2012.

Before dental and surgical procedures were performed on her, doctors treated her heartworm disease and a type of infectious cancer.
She later underwent procedures to remove two upper teeth, reconstruct one eyelid, and eventually close her facial wound with skin flaps.

Because it was not possible to reconstruct Kabang’s snout and a functional upper jaw, the energetic young dog will never look like she did before her accident. However, because the facial wound has been closed, she will be better protected against infection and prepared for an active life when she returns to her family in the Philippines.

Her veterinarians say Kabang can now fully function: she can eat, smell and taste well.

She has also developed a liking for chew toys.

Kabang is scheduled to go back to her owners in the Philippines on Thursday night, aboard Philippine Airlines via the San Francisco Int’l Airport.

Professor David Wilson, director of the veterinary medical teaching hospital, noted that in dealing with Kabang’s case, it truly did “take a village” — in this case an international village.

“We want to acknowledge Kabang’s veterinarians Anton Lim and Ed Unson of the Philippines, and Care for Kabang coordinator Karen
Kenngott of Buffalo, N.Y., who have both worked tirelessly on behalf of this very special dog,” Wilson said.

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  • kikayPang0
    4 June 2013 at 8:25 am - Reply

    The dog is seeking asylum … just like some Fil. trying to manipulate the system.