“Heneral Luna” inspires renewed patriotism among Fil-Ams

SAN BRUNO, Calif. – As anxious movie goers packed theaters for either the new James Bond or Peanuts film, Filipino Americans opted for the historical biopic “Heneral Luna”.

A mix of young and old were in attendance for the sold-out show at Century Theaters at Tanforan Mall in San Bruno, CA.

Following the movie, younger Fil-Ams said the depiction of General Antonio Luna’s leadership during the Philippine-American War was inspiring.

“This would actually be a tool to wake up all the Filipinos and to tell them that this is actually relevant today,” said Natasha Reintegrado.

Others agreed the film can be applied to current issues facing the Philippines like the ongoing territorial dispute with China in the West Philippine Sea.

“It continues to happen in Philippine history,” said lead counsel for the U.S. Pinoys for Good Governance (UP4GG) Attorney Ted Laguatan. “A lot of leaders have betrayed Filipinos. The former president, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo betrayed the Philippines by allowing the Chinese to explore freely our Philippine Seas which enabled the Chinese to know that there is a lot of oil here and they decided to take over. This is part of our history.”

“We also face threats from external forces that want to take over our country but we also have our own enemies from within,” said UP4GG President Attorney Rodel Rodis. “People who are selling our country out to the foreign interest, looking out for only what’s in their best interest instead of the interest of the country and that’s why I hope everyone gets to watch this film and get to instill that love of country that General Luna exemplified.”

After a successful run on the east coast, “Heneral Luna” expanded to 40 theaters in cities across the United States.

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  • Kenikeni
    10 November 2015 at 12:07 pm - Reply

    Ganda ng movie pang Oscar.