Helen Mirren talks getting into character

An Oscar winner, a legendary actress, and now a guest on Showbiz Tonight. Helen Mirren opens up to Yong Chavez about the things she’s certain of life and the important part of movies that helps her get into character.


“Collateral Beauty,” a movie about living again after a tragic loss, has a star-studded cast including Will smith, Kate Winslet, Edward Norton, and Keira Knightley, among many others. But it is actress Helen Mirren that has one of its most interesting roles.

“On the page, it was quite open to interpretation and you could have taken it in many different ways,” Mirren tells Chavez. “But above all I thought I just want this character to be as alive as possible, and the funniness sort of developed as we were shooting.

The actress will make the audience laugh, as she plays a stage actress seemingly consumed by her role, but she also shines in the movie’s dramatic moments.

“I’m sure that life goes on,” Mirren says. “I’m sure that kindness is a very important part in life. There’s a great English phrase which was coined in the Second World War in Great Britain: ‘Keep calm and carry on.’ Very British. Keep calm and carry on, no matter what happens. I think those are very wise words.”

The Oscar winner began her career in theater in the ’70s and since earned various awards for her memorable screen, television, and stage performances.

When it comes to acting, Mirren says each role is always different.

“With this role, the costume is very, very important because the costumes defined the character, what I was wearing. So the boots, the old coat, the hair, all of those things, very important.

“Collateral Beauty” comes out before Christmas in the US, and on January 8 in the Philippines.


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