Healthy Los Angeles: Mayor Garcetti throws unique health fair at his home 

LOS ANGELES — From piano playing horses, to beer goggles, this was not your typical health fair.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti opened up his home at the Getty House in the name of good health, hosting the first ever women’s health fair, where Angelenos were treated to some health services — as well as education.

“Our own health is something we often neglect, so we want to make sure no matter what your zip code is, your ethnic background, your age, gender, that nobody gets left behind.”

“It’s vital for us to reach out to the community so that we can promote their health and well being, in this era of time where we have limited resources education is the most powerful thing,” said Dr. Christine Navarro DeLeon.

While there were the routine medical exams and free toothbrushes that you’d find at a health care, there were a few unique approaches to a healthy Los Angeles.

This booth uses goggles to simulate the effects of drunk driving.

“People think of health as like the medicine you take or going to the doctor but its also what we eat, how we exercise making sure you don’t drink and drive, all those things that are public health indicators too are really important so we weave them all together today,” says Garcetti.

But there’s no horsing around when it comes to physical, mental, emotional health.

They also offer music therapy.

“We don’t really take care of our health as we ought to, but right now with all of this vendors and free examination, it’s all that and also to be at the mayor’s house,” said Carmenita O’Niel.

“I am going to the stress oriented clinics and meditative systems and all of that, to help with my stress, but its beautiful to see the house, it’s a beautiful day,” said Claire Espina.

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