Healthcare for CA’s undocumented immigrants available without SB-4

LOS ANGELES – In states such as California, lawmakers are trying to find ways to give everyone — including the undocumented —  access to healthcare. But as Steve Angeles tells us, there are already ways to get care despite a lack of legal status.

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  • noz
    21 July 2015 at 8:33 pm - Reply

    money do not grow on trees. pockets of the hard workers of america are either force to put more money, by way of increase taxations to fund healthcare money pool. CA residents are heavily taxed. so, as long as the CA residents are accepting paying for illegal aliens healthcare, then they own the financial burden pushed to them by the politician lawmakers, the CA voters elected / reelected demoncrap lawmakers passed the baddest laws of funding illegal aliens’ healthcare, and beyond. but, once the federal dollars get allocated to states, illegally spending federal dollars for illegal aliens’ healthcare, etc., its going to set a stage of citizens’ animosity. the nation’s likely voters spat back come elections time are to unseat politician lawmakers, who sold them to illegal aliens.