Health professional gives tips on how to properly wear gloves and masks

While the global infections and deaths due to the highly contagious coronavirus continue to rise… there’s some glimmer of hope that the outbreak is slowing down in some countries thanks to their tough lockdown measures.

While public health experts are warning that reopening the economies too soon may backfire and cause a second wave of infections, some states are now considering to relax their stay-at-home orders and allow people to go back to their workplaces.

This is probably the right time to know how to wear personal protective equipment, or PPEs, properly as restrictions are slowly being lifted.

Filipino-American nurse Krystle Ann Batong shows us how.

Batong said it’s important to sanitize your hands first before putting on protective gear, like masks, which shouldn’t necessarily be worn at all times.

“I see a lot of people wearing masks while they are alone in the car, and you don’t really need to wear the mask, if you’re by yourself.”

This is the proper way to put on a surgical mask.

“It’s pretty simple, these go around your ears… sometimes I see people walking around wearing it like this, and they think it’s fine.”

But it’s not.

“My glasses are fogging up — so what you wanna do, pull this up, this molds to your face for a reason, so you wanna press it down, hold it, pull this down so it’s covering your chin and mold it to your face.”

To fog test, place hands near the edges of the face mask, breathe in and out, and feel if air is coming out of the edges.

“If air is sealed, sanitize again before putting on gloves and dry your hands before doing so. So when you’re shopping, you’re touching a lot of things, you don’t wanna be going into your purse, into your pockets, your bag too often — bring only what’s necessary, your phone, credit card or cash.”

Batong said it’s also a good idea to use your cellphones on speaker placed inside a ziplock bag to keep it from being contaminated and in that way, you’re touching the ziplock bag and not your phone directly…’

When it comes to taking off your gloves, make sure not to touch the outside part, and toss it in the trash. Then sanitize hands again before taking the mask off.

“You just wanna touch the ear loops, you don’t want to touch the front at all because it could be contaminated with something you don’t know…

Although these masks are meant for one-time use only – if you must re-use, make sure to air it out overnight, sanitize using the sun, or use UV sanitizing boxes, if available.

“That is how you wear PPE. Make sure when you get home, wash your hands with soap and water, for 20 seconds — sing happy birthday twice, stay healthy. Stay safe.”

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