Health officials assure Congress integrity of COVID-19 vaccine won’t be compromised

A day after the coronavirus death toll in the U.S. breached 200,000, a Senate committee reconvened on Wednesday to gather critical information from the country’s top health experts amid concerns that the colder months would bring forth a second wave of the virus. North America News Bureau Chief TJ Manotoc reports.

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  • Mario
    23 September 2020 at 11:10 pm - Reply

    The US Govt contracted and PAID for the research and production of COVID-19 VACCINE, the 6 Pharma were former researcher on SAR known as COVID-2. They were able to shorten the research, and production of the Vaccine. According to DR LI-Meng YAN, the Chinese DEFECTOR, Virologist from Wuhan, reported COVID-19 was made by a military Laboratory. INTEGRITY on the Vaccine lies on the 6 Pharma Corp. they have NAME,and several products to protect,(1) MODERNA, founded on 2010, $30B Corp.(2)PFIZER, 1849, NY Corp, worth $167B,(3) JOHNSON & JOHNSON, founded 1886, worth $257B,(4)NOVAVAX, 1987, vaccine for COVID-2, Maryland Corp (5)German BioNTech founded on 2008,(6) Astra Zeneca UK Corp, 1999 $24B Corp. Believe me these Companies will NOT release the VACCINE if it is not FULLY TESTED and approved by FDA. The leftist MEDIA and the DEMOCRAT tried to indoctrinate the voters, the people, that the VACCINE was PUSH by TRUMP to come out before the election. The 6 PHARMA CO. will never destroy the future of their business. They carry/sells hundred of products, ONE mistake on the VACCINE their business is over. All over the World they are waiting for their product.