Hawaii’s Republican candidate Lynn Barry Mariano vies for state Senate seat

With about a month away from the general election, some candidates running for office in the state of Hawaii are hoping to change the status quo.

Lynn Barry Mariano is looking to be part of the change by running as a Republican for a seat in the currently all-Democratic Hawaii state Senate.

Last week, Mariano and his supporters held a meet-and-greet fundraiser at the Hawaii Yacht club – located in the Senate district 12 area that the candidate is aiming to represent.

If elected, the candidate could be one of the few Republicans in Hawaii’s state capitol. He also has a chance of possibly being the only Republican in the twenty-five-member Hawaii state senate – if none of the other four Republican Senate candidates – all running against Democrat incumbents – end up winning.

Mariano’s priorities include education, curbing rising taxes, improving senior care, medical services, and addressing the state’s growing homelessness issue.

“My plan to help the Filipino community is, if you have your child going to school, and they incur student loan, when they graduate, and if they work for the state or the local government, or even the private sector that gives and invests back into Hawaii, that every year that they work for that organization, a year is deducted from their student loan.”

Republican Mariano faces off against Democrat Sharon Moriwaki, another political newcomer who defeated longtime incumbent democratic senator Brickwood Galuteria in the primary election.

Hawaii’s general election is on November 6.

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