Hawaii now offers medical marijuana for eligible travelers with health conditions

by Lalaine Ignao, ABS-CBN News

HONOLULU, HI —  Hawaii is now allowing tourists to purchase medical marijuana legally.

Adults planning to travel can apply online for the medical marijuana card, also known as the 329 V-Card, 60 days before they arrive in Hawaii.

Once approved, the card will stay valid for sixty days from the start date requested.

“…You must have a medical card, not a doctor’s recommendation letter or certification. With the application, it’s online–it’s very fast. It costs 49 dollars and fifty cents that goes straight to the state and you must have a state ID or driver’s license that matches the state that you have your existing medical cannabis card from and also, you must have one of Hawaii’s qualifying conditions.”

These qualifying health conditions include HIV/AIDS, cancer, chronic pain, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and PTSD.

Once approved, travelers can purchase up to four ounces of marijuana for every 15 days of their stay at licensed dispensaries which offer a wide array of medical marijuana products, except for edibles which are not yet legalized in the state.

Hawaii legalized medical marijuana in 2000 which makes it one of the earlier states to do so, however it did take about seventeen years to obtain dispensaries. Since then, it has only taken a short year and a half for the state to begin reciprocity.

While some people agree with the new law, others believe that the state is working backwards.

“I don’t know why they put the tourist first especially here in hawaii. I think they should start with the residents first before they start legalizing or giving the cards to the tourists because like I said, it’s not just the tourist that needs it but also the people––the local people.”

“Personally, I think Hawaii’s government and economy needs to really just come together and figure out what will really be best for the community economically, agriculturally, and everything like that.”

While Hawaii is now allowing travelers to purchase medical marijuana, it is important to remember that it is not a recreational use state. This means that people are not allowed to practice public consumption of cannabis. If travelers are visiting multiple islands, they must purchase their medication on the island they are currently staying at.

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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    20 March 2019 at 2:24 am - Reply

    Some states like Washington,Oregon, California & Nevada have joined the dumb and dumber states…About a month ago, we visited Fremont Street in Las Vegas, it was an awful experience because almost everywhere the foul smell of marijuana was unbearable. Now, Hawaii wants to start selling medical Marijuana. According to Lyn Pautin, a registered nurse who once live in Hawaii said that the Democrats are also gearing to legalize marijuana.