Hawaii Marriott employees push for better pay, working conditions

HONOLULU, HI — When the strike first began, about 7,000 Marriott employees filled the streets in cities including San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Boston and Detroit.

In Hawaii alone, 2,700 workers have been protesting and will continue to do so until an agreement is made.

“As long as it takes. If they will give what we demand for the workers, we will stop tomorrow if they will give it. If they will give it today, we will stop it. But until then, we will continue striking,” said Gemma Weinstein.

The union’s dispute is with Kyo-Ya hotels and resorts after contracts expired in June. These workers are protesting for better pay, job security and a safer workplace.

“For the brothers and sisters that’s on strike, that union, they lose their wages also. So we are here also from the Marriott to help them, support them in their fight because their fight is our fight,” said Evelyn Peralta.

Kyo-ya hotels and resorts said in a statement, “We have notified our guests and business partners of the situation and are providing them with ongoing updates. We are committed to continuing our good faith bargaining and hope to resolve this situation in a timely manner.”

But tourists have began to complain on social media about how their dream vacations in Hawaii have become nightmares, due to the lack of service within the hotels.

“Nobody really wants to be here, we wanna be at work, helping out the guests right now. They’re not getting any service, there’s a lot of complains going on.”

Meanwhile, Marriott hotels began posting “help wanted” ads on Friday, for anyone willing to cross the picket lines.

Striking hotel workers started a march and rally in Waikiki on Friday morning and will continue the initiative for eleven days as they plan to march around the whole island of Oahu.

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  • Mario
    16 October 2018 at 3:33 pm - Reply

    Union contract expired on June… Now Marriott posting in their Ads…Help Wanted…Jobs, jobs, so many jobs available..What will happen to the workers, will the Union fight the Hotel management in Court..How long it will take, 1 month,6 months, 1 year or more, as a regular worker with a family, I might as well, go back to get my old job, if still available. What will happen to the Union dues, are they going to fight for the rights of the workers now or more DONATIONS to the Democrat Party and take chances for Democrat to win the Mid-term election..Delay… delay… is the name of the game.