Hawaii man changes plea to no contest in the death of his Filipina neighbor

In Hawaii, there is shocking development in the case of a Filipino man accused of killing his Filipino neighbor.

28-year-old Jun Lee Irorita has pleaded no contest to killing 40-year-old Helen Prestosa back in November 2015.

Irorita had initially pleaded not guilty, claiming that it was his father, Roger Rivera, who had the motive to kill Prestosa, their downstairs neighbor, and that he was being framed by his own parents.

Irorita claimed that his father was given a job by the victim at the jack in the box branch where prestosa worked as manager. But that prior to her death, she was about to expose a fraudulent disability claim that Rivera filed at work.

But it was Irorita who was accused of killing Prestosa and dumping her remains on Mount Tantalus.

Her remains were found April  2016.

Prestosa’s girlfriend testified that she believes Irorita fatally struck her with an iron inside their Kalihi home.

But during his trial on Friday, Iirorita changed his not guilty plea to no contest — after reaching a deal with prosecutors.

Prosecutors lessened his charge from murder to first-degree assault.

He faces a maximum of 10 years in prison.

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