Welcome to The Bvnk: Hawaii locals, tourists flock to Filipino-owned shoe store for latest trends

HONOLULU — In Honolulu, you can literally find wall to wall of shoes, clothing, and accessories that you probably would only see online.

Filipino-owned and operated business The Bvnk Hawaii opened three years ago, and is continuing to grow in popularity and success.

“Within 2-3 years of the shop opening, it just grew to like a community landmark,” said Jose
Manuel Jr. “Everyone in Kalihi knows The Bvnk, and now since it spread to tourism, everyone knows the Bvnk name.”

Christopher Lazaro, one of the three Fil-Ams who opened The Bvnk, says he is humbled of the success of the store and is happy to have customers from all over the world.

“This actually started out just for our community because we all grew up here, but somehow within the past year or so it caught on all the attention of the tourists, and right now I want to say it’s 50/50 tourists to locals,” said Christopher Lazaro.

According to Lazaro, customers who come from all over the world, from Asia to the Americas, are ready to pay top dollar for the most in-demand products.

“The main right now are Yeezys, so they go from around $500-$1200. And a lot of the off-white products, so anything off-white Nike collab right now, they go for around $1200-$2500.”

According to Lazaro, he’s seen a Japanese customer spend $15,000 dollars in one visit — buying mainly Supreme clothing and accessories.

With all their success, these entrepreneurs are always mindful of their community’s needs.

“We also do a lot of events for children with cancer. So we do a lot of toy drives for the hospitals. One of them especially is the Kapiʻolani medical center, and we also help out with the Ronald McDonald house.”

Whether you’re a casual sneaker fan, a die-hard collector, or just looking for a personal favorite, The Bvnk is where you can turn losses into wins.


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