Hawaii Consulate General tests new voting machines for Philippine elections

HONOLULU — With the Philippine elections around the corner, the Consulate General in Honolulu is testing out their voting machines. Members came together to test the recording capability of the machine versus the manual counting.

“So what they’re doing right now is to test with the vote counting machine. We have test voters and then they will compare the results of the machine with a manual count. I think it will be a good result for today and there will be no problems,” said consul general Roberto T. Bernardo.

“So far, we’ve tested three out of a total of thirteen precincts. And so far, the results are accurate meaning the machine count tallies with our manual count. So we’re pretty confident that we can do everything for all precincts accurately,” said Angelica C. Escalona.

With about 12,800 people registered to vote in the state of Hawaii, these machines need to be ready to count ballots once voting officially begins.

Voting will be taking place from April 13 to May 12 so that overseas voters will have the opportunity to be able to take the time and cast their ballots for this year’s election.

“Voting is very important because it’s a way to get your voice across, your opinions across. No single vote is unimportant. All votes are important because every vote counts so please, as soon as you get your ballot, return it and make your vote count.”

During the midterm election, the Hawaii Consulate general will be accepting ballots and conducting a count every Monday and Thursday until voting closes on May 13 at 5pm Pacific time.

For more information, visit comelec.gov.ph.

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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    12 April 2019 at 2:41 am - Reply

    The problem that Filipino voters does not seem to grasp is that the machine that COMELEC is still using the vulnerable and easily corruptible Smartmatic machine, like the one that led into Leni, says Doctor Danilo Aczon during a conference at the Hilton Hawaian Village.