Hawaii airport workers continue fight for better wages and benefits

HONOLULU, HI — HSMHOST Honolulu airport workers have been in a bargaining tussle with their employer since December 2018 – and not much has changed since.

Their desired contact calls for better wages and benefits.

The HMSHOST media pay is $12.20, and they said this is simply not enough with the high cost of living in Hawaii.

“Mahirap na, mas lalo sa akin kasi single mom ako, kailangan lahat e budget, kailangan na ano, kasi ilan taon na ako dito, eighteen years na, tapos mababa parin yung wages namin tapos ang taas taas yung medical namin.”

“It’s much harder for me because I’m a single mom who needs to budget everything. I’ve been here for 18 years but our wages are still low. Our medical coverage costs also keeps increasing.”

“Well, to be honest, I rarely help my family at this point because of our minimum wage yeah? And it’s hard to help somebody when you cannot help yourself.”

They said HMSHOST could afford to give them a raise – because the company reportedly makes $3.5 billion in profits annually.

“Sometimes I have to beg managers for them to give me extra days if I could work. But it shouldn’t be that way. It should be one job should be enough.”

With negotiations stalled between HMSHOST and the workers — more demonstrations and strikes are being planned by the union in 2020.

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