“Halftime Exhibit” art and photography showcases Filipino “hypebeast” culture

DALY CITY, CA — According to Henry Rasheed Francisco and Eric “Emagn1” Nodora — if basketball had a soundtrack, it would be in the genre of hip-hop.

This is Francisco’s and Nodora’s “Halftime Exhibit” — a collection of photographs and illustrations that encompasses the culture of basketball, sneakers, and hip-hop.

“I do photography, so I’ve taken photographs from legendary to everyday playground basketball courts from New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, east Oakland,” said Francisco. “Just capturing that essence of basketball culture.”

“I just illustrated all the pieces just to connect with the roots of hip-hop and the way we were brought up listening to this music and wearing the sneakers and just trying to be fresh,” said Nodora.

For Francisco and Nodora, they wanted to showcase how Filipinos are naturally attracted to the exhibit’s themes, like shoes and hip-hop culture.

“I have a piece that’s called ‘Queen of Sole: Imelda Marcos’ and she was like a hoarder of shoes. So it’s in us, kind of, as Filipinos to have fresh kicks and to rock them.”

“Hip-hop gave us that voice where we could express our identities as Filipino, Filipino-Americans, as young kids during that time.”

Having lived through the golden age of hip-hop and 80’s and 90’s basketball, Francisco and Nodora say they are bridging experiences with today’s basketball and hip-hop lovers.

“It’s a beautiful thing that with this hypebeast culture, and the younger generation, it’s reminiscent of what we lived through.”

The Halftime Exhibit celebrated its one year anniversary at the Daly City showcase, with previous installments in Oakland and Sacramento.

Francisco and Nodora say they have plans to bring the Halftime Exhibit outside the Bay Area, and have showcases in Los Angeles and hopefully New York.

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