Halalan 2019: dela Rosa, Cayetano, and Villar in the lead as overseas absentee voting period ends in West Coast

LOS ANGELES — Over 8,000 absentee votes are being processed, one machine is complete, and two more to go.

After 24 hours of counting SBEI 1, at the Los Angeles Philippine Consulate finished off the first day of overseas absentee voting by sealing off one of the voting machines.

45 of the 53 precincts have been completed as of this newscast.

The remaining 8 precincts between two voting machines are expected to finish their counts and audits by the end of Tuesday.

Former PNP chief Ronald Dela Rosa, Pia Cayetano, Doctor Willie Ong and Cynthia Villar are among the top vote-getters in the Los Angeles consulate jurisdiction.

Despite the long process, the count which has seen a few observers trickle in our throughout the day has run smoothly for the most part.

“I’m pretty sure all the other consulates have done their best there was not a perfect world scenario every time you do an election especially an overseas absentee election we just prepared for whatever problems contingencies may arise and I’m just glad my colleagues were able to deliver,” said Adel Cruz.

Over in San Francisco, where they cover the largest chunk of the U.S., 240,000 registered voters at 59,000 they saw an estimated 9,000 ballots mailed in.

Through the last 36 hours since midnight of Sunday, the consulate staff had been feeding the last batch of ballots into their three vote counting machines.

Along the way, they did encounter a couple of minor problems with 2 SD cards malfuncntioning. The consualte says they had already informed the COMELEC and the replacement cards are on their way to the U.S.

Still, they proceeded with the count and tallies and after printing out 58 of the 60 election returns the top 12 candidates for senator so far in the San Francisco consulate jurisdiction are:


Dela Rosa











Compared to the results in the Philippines, where the latest tally of the Fil-Am votes in the west coast did not include Lito Lapid, Bong Revilla, and Nancy Binay in the top 12.

Former DOH consultant and social media savvy Dr. Ong is in the sixth among Fil-Am voters compared to his current rank national in the Philippines at the 18th spot.

To add to that, the three former senators who were accused of plunder from the pork barrel scam in 2013 Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada, and Juan Ponce Enrile only rank in the 30’s.

According to the San Francisco consulate, once they get the two replacement SD cards and re-feed the ballots belonging to those precincts, only then can Congen Bensurto fly to Washington to physically deliver to the Philippine embassy the 60 SF cards for the national canvass to total the United States’ overseas absentee vote count. The earliest he can fly out would be on Wednesday.

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