Gun rights activists hold Second Amendment rally in Virginia

Masked men armed with large guns marching along the streets in Richmond, Virginia could be intimidating but, despite law enforcement’s concerns, the gun rights rally on Monday was a peaceful protest.

Fil-Ams Kristine and Mark Caalim traveled 2 hours from Virginia Beach to join the other 22,000 gun rights activists, many from other states.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League has been organizing this annual gun rights rally in support of the Second Amendment — the right to bear arms.

But this year, it has drawn more attention since democrats regained control of the state legislature

And they have proposed several gun control bills, including limiting handgun purchases and requiring background checks.

Extra precaution at the gun rights rally was necessary officials said, not only to keep its citizens safe, but to avoid another Charlottesville, when a neo-Nazi rally ended in a death of a counter-protester in 2017.

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  • Mario
    24 January 2020 at 6:09 am - Reply

    Majority of American support the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. The difference between Republican and Democrat when it comes to a gun is. Republican loves gun, Democrat confiscates your Gun. During World War 2, Japanese and German spies in the US reported to their home country and said. “Do not land troops in America, all Americans keep guns in their house and they sleep with their guns.