Grand entrance at MGM Grand for Pacquiao and Bradley before fight night

LAS VEGAS – It has been a long tradition for major boxing events to host grand arrivals for fighters in Las Vegas.

A sea of cellphones from fight fans covered the lobby from corner to corner at the MGM Grand Casino. Fans heavily clustered together just to get a shot of Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley Jr.

First to arrive was Bradley and his team. Bradley said that after training for eight weeks, the hard work and training will be put to the test.

With April 9 as his fourth pay-per-view fight, he said it doesn’t rattle him anymore and considers himself a veteran.

“I’ve been here before, the lights are bright, I’m ready for it,” said Bradley. “I’m relaxed, I know what this is all about and I know what the main focus is and that’s Saturday night, baby.”

Pacman’s fans eagerly waited for his grand entrance.

“I’m very happy, I did not expect this huge crowd of fans to come,” said Pacquiao. “It’s very touching how people support me.”

Wayne Lloyd, a fight fan from the UK travelled all the way to Vegas just to watch the fight this Saturday. He said that Pacquiao’s knockout power is back and will knockout Bradley in the fifth round.

“I travelled all the way just to come and watch this and experience,” said Lloyd.

Meanwhile, Top Rank CEO Bob Arum graciously accepted Pacquiao’s decision to hang up his gloves. Arum said that Pacman/s retirement decision is not new to him, comparing it to boxing greats such as Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, among others–boxing greats Top Rank has promoted through the years.

“Like the Bible says, ‘Everything has a beginning and everything has an end,’” said Arum. “We are at a beginning that came from nowhere, and a great career in the middle, and the end is the end. Everything must end.”

The countdown to the Pacquiao-Bradley 3: The Real Fight has begun and the People’s Champ believes that if there is a grand entrance, he is expecting a victorious grand exit come Saturday.


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