By Balitang America Staff

February 5, 2013

House Speaker John Boehner on Tuesday said the effective overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws will take time, without a need to rush.

The republican House leader said the President’s hasty push to pass reform may lead to repeating old mistakes.

“This is not about being in a hurry, this is about trying to get it right on behalf of the American people and those who are suffering under an immigration system that doesn’t work very well for anybody,” said Boehner during the first hearing of the House Judiciary Committee on its bipartisan plan for immigration reform.

But according to reports from ABC News, Boehner declined to estimate how soon legislation could pass
through the lower chamber. In the House, a group of bipartisan lawmakers has labored secretly behind closed
doors for years, while a separate group in the Senate last week unveiled its framework, which also addresses the conundrum of how to handle about 12 million illegal immigrants hiding in the shadows throughout the country.

In a separate meeting with President Obama at the white house , a group of immigration advocates pressed him to find new ways to ease-off on the deportation of law-abiding undocumented workers.

Obama reportedly admitted in that meeting there may be some gaps in implementation of the policies. But he emphasized that he is focused on “getting reformed passed, and not easing up on enforcement.”

The Obama administration deported nearly a record 410,000 people last year, according to reports from the government.

– With reports from ABC News, CNN.

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