GOP courts Asian American millennials with new video

LOS ANGELES –  There’s a new push by the Republican party to court young Asian American voters. As Steve Angeles reports, some immigration advocates think the GOP’s shift stems from lost loyalty from the Latino community.



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  • Mario
    29 October 2015 at 10:33 pm - Reply

    Latino voters came here legally,hates illegal aliens for grabbing their jobs, they want the illegals to go back and fall in line. Latino’s are in favor of deportation, they will vote for GOP & illegal alien can not vote. STEMS students(millennials) are worried looking a job after graduation. Democrats are tied-up with big Corporate lobbyist (Yahoo,Google,Facebook,Apple,Oracle,etc)for more H1-B visa(working visa) and cheap labor from Asia. Millennials who are mostly Democrats are finished, they should vote GOP.