Golden State Warriors enters Game 3 of the NBA Finals with multiple injuries

After the big win of the Golden State Warriors in game two in toronto, their attention quickly shifted to the health of their players who were injured in the game.

Their starting center, Kevon Looney, who had a hard fall after crashing into Kawhi Leonard has now been deemed out of the finals due to fractured collarbone.

There’s still no Kevin Durant for game three due to his calf strain — and now Klay Thompson who limped off the court has been found to have a hamstring strain and is listed as questionable for game three.

But according to Klay, he says he will listen to the medical staff and he will not force situation even if he wants to be on the court.

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  • Mario
    7 June 2019 at 5:52 pm - Reply

    Easy win by Raptors on the 3rd game, 123-109, when Raptors lead 10 points on the 1st qtr,they never catch-up, 4th qtr the warrior did their best to cut Raptor lead to 7 points, then they collapsed..Another intriguing topic is KAWHI LEONARD.On the beginning of NBA season,just to be near w/gf-wife & child, KLeonard announced his plan to play in any 3 CA team, 1st choice-LAKERS, being in Texas (SAntonio SPURS for 7 yrs).But Lebron is already with Lakers,2nd option is Warrior, but so many leaders, his last option is Clippers.For the good of SPURs team, their option is to get a Hi-caliber player from Celtics,Lakers,76er,& Raptors. KAWHi has no choice to end-up with Raptors. That could be the reason why DeROZAN was traded,he might clashed with Kawhi as Raptors leader. Raptors made the right decision he delivered, RAPTORS in the FINALS..After shocking victory by RAPTORS on the first game..CONTROVERCIAL, CONSPIRATORY on KAWHI continue…more chismis next time…