Golden State Warriors are “distinctly Filipino,” with new Tanduay rum partnership 

OAKLAND, CA — A distinctly Filipino alcohol brand has made its way into the home court of the reigning NBA champions. 

The Golden State Warriors kicked off the 2017 NBA season by inking a new partnership with Tanduay Rum. 

“We think the crowd of the NBA is the same crowd that would drink Tanduay, the rum, and all these drinks so we decided to tie up with NBA especially with the champion team. The Golden State Warriors,” said Lucio Tan Jr, President and COO of Tanduay Distillers.

“Of our 12 million Facebook followers, 44 percent of them are from the Philippines, so we love to be associated with the best of brand companies,” said Chip Bowers, Chief Marketing Officer of the Warriors. “We want to be strategic about the type of brands we have. Tanduay is the biggest rum brands in the word, as you know. Certainly one of the biggest brands in the Philippines, so for us it’s a real honor to be associated with Tanduay and the Tan family.”

 It’s a happy homecoming for Tan, who attended nearby University of California, Davis. 

 The 163-year old brand will now be seen throughout the Oracle arena, from the scoreboard to the jumbotron, and the soon-to-be renovated mezzanine level Tanduay Rum Club luxury suite. 

 “We’re gonna dress it up, it’s gonna reflect that Tanduay Rum brand it’ll be a real call out to our Filipino fan base, and we’re excited to see what comes out.”

 The Warriors will host its annual Filipino heritage night next, with Tanduay spearheading the tailgate party, serving DubNation’s fanbase an extra shot of Pinoy Pride. 

“It’s a good thing. We’ve been always attending Filipino nights here,” said Warriors fan Jay Bolosan. “I’m glad that now we’re down for Tanduay rum, so now we’ve got a place to enjoy it.” 

 This has been part of the rum’s US expansion. Earlier this year, Tanduay begin a partnership with the Barclay’s Center, home of the Brooklyn Nets. The stadium has been serving the brand at all its events since. 

If the Warriors once again win this year’s NBA championship, who knows, maybe this year rather than pop a victory champagne, Dub Nation could pop some Tanduay shot. 

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