Global Pinoy Idol: Ray Raval and his mission to help Filipino nurses

Ray Raval had been a nurse in Florida for some years now, when he realized the abusive treatment of a lot of agencies to fellow Filipina nurses trying to make it to the U.S. 

Often times the agency becomes the employer of the Filipino nurse who then takes as much as 50% of their salary for three full years.

 That’s when Ray Raval thought of a method of direct-hiring helping hospitals find applicants in the Philippines, and they don’t have to go through an abusive recruiter.

He didn’t set up professionals to USA.

With this group he only takes a small percentage from a nurses’ salary for first three months with a system of a direct hire.

What makes it even better is that the nurses already get permanent resident status and they can  eventually bring in their families

“Sinabi ko sa ospital in ‪1999. Why don’t we recruit Filipino nurses because wala pang Pilipino nurses dito sa Florida Hospital noong araw. They said how, and I explained it to them.”

He’s now been working with 17 hospitals, and in the last 19 years has helped bring in more than a thousand Filipino nurses.

“Hindi mo masasabi yung fulfillment eh — It’s fulfilling because sabi nila wow it only took us eight months for us to get here.”

One of the many nurses Ray has helped is Cathy, who found a new life in the Noy… and she is thankful for the opportunities given to her.

“It really changed a lot of lives sa buhay ng family ko, nagbago from average to talaga you can buy anything you want – yung ginawa niya, isa talagang life changing sa mga Pilipno nurse.”

“If you want to come to the States, the easiest way to get here finished a four year degree — you get that job you make good money, minimum of 2000 every paycheck, that’s 26 paychecks in a year, it can really support the whole family and then you’re here in the States.”

He adds that in the next couple of years there will be close to 1 million job openings for nurses in the U.S.

That’s why he’s encouraging many more Filipino nurses to not be afraid and try to reach for the dreams Not just for themselves but also for the families

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