Global Pinoy Idol: Chef Yana Gilbuena and her mission to bring Filipino food to all 50 states

Chef  Yana Gilubuena started the Salo Series Project in 2015. 

Her big mission was to visit all 50 states in the U.S. to invite people — especially those who haven’t tasted Filipino food to a feast.

Chef Yana shared it gave her joy to see that even in the most remote places in America — Filipino food was well received. 

 “For example in Little Rock, Arkansas, like, I’ve never had such an amazing reception. The same was like Des Moines and St. Louis, Missouri and Omaha, everyone was like, Oh my god, where have you been, you know like, are you coming back.

Among the many traditional Filipino dishes that Chef Yana prepared during the Salo Series: bicol express and kare kareng lengua.  

One of the goals of this Ilongga chef is to impress upon people that Filipino food is not just limited to adobo, pancit, and lumpia.

Chef Yana has also taken it upon herself to mentor others.

After her U.S. tour for the Salo Series, Chef Yana wrote a book about it called “No Forks Given.”


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