Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS meets in Washington to address recent terrorism concerns

It was one of the biggest meetings of officials from different countries.

The 79 member Global Coalition to defeat ISIS met in Washington DC on Wednesday, where President Donald Trump said Islamic State could lose all territory by next week. But the fight against terrorists is not quite over.

The Philippines is among the few countries where ISIS militants remain active.

According to a recent report from the U.S. Indo Pacific Command released this week, between 300 and 550 Islamic state jihadis remain active in Southern Philippines.

The twin church bombings on January 27th in Jolo Sulu that killed 23 people and injured more than 90 was the latest violent attack in the region. ISIS reportedly claimed the responsibility through its Amaq news agency.

The command’s lead inspector general also reported to the U.S. Congress that Abu Sayyaf group leader Hatib Hajan Sawadjaan is the new leader of the ISIS in the Philippines.

Philippine ambassador Jose Romualdez during his brief remarks at the meeting, expressed the Philippine government’s continued commitment to fighting terrorism. He also highlighted the country’s efforts to combat the siege of Marawi with the help of allies, especially the U.S.

Over 270 American troops are providing support to the Philippine military fighting the local Islamic state faction.

“As the organizational structure of ISIS continues to evolve, it’s critical we find new ways – new effective ways – to attack it. That means implementing the action plans developed by our coalition’s four working groups.”

The meeting comes amid a planned U.S. withdrawal of troops from Syria, despite warnings by current and former US officials about the risk of a resurgence by Islamic state.

Meanwhile, 5 Jolo church bombing suspects have surrendered to police but 14 others, including Sawadjaan, the alleged mastermind, remain at large.

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  • Mario
    8 February 2019 at 1:09 am - Reply

    Trump SOTU speech said “Great Nation do not fight endless war. Trump will withdraw troops in Syria and Afghanistan. Pentagon Generals not in favor for the withdrawal but Trump decided to end the war. US spend $7 Trillion in the ME for 19 yrs, 7,000 dead and 52,000 wounded. Trump will also withdraw in Japan asked PM ABE to pay US troops for protecting their country, not unless they have to increase their military budget, which is against Japanese constitution. Japan increase military budget to $243 Billion, will buy 147, F-35 stealth fighter jets and immediate delivery of 42, F-35B stealth fighter, vertical take off to manned their 2 Japs Helicopter-Carrier. Japan already building 2 AirCraft Carrier and ready in 2 years. Japan has to defend their disputed island SANSUKO against China, and 4 KURIL Island against Russia.