Getting ready to file your taxes this season

WEST COVINA — By now most workers should have their tax documents by now. And as you head to your computer or preparer, Steve Angeles tells us a few things that you may need to know before filing.

While the tax plan was passed last year, and workers will see immediate results in their regular paychecks, tax preparers say filing will be the same as last year.

With more people cashing in on ridesharing and other service apps, they have to file taxes for their income. Most companies will give a 1099-form, and will come with deductions.

While the IRS is part of the federal government, a government shutdown would have minimal effect on tax filers.

“After the 29th they can’t shut down. Even for one day, it’s not going to affect anyone, you’re just going to have a one day delay of your refund, that’s it,” says tax preparer Loudette Pavon.

While the tax filing deadline is on April 17th, filers affected by natural disasters — such as the recent California wildfires — will be allowed extensions.

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