Getting out the Asian American vote this midterm season

SUMMIT, NJ — While the president and even a former president cross the country to campaign for various candidates for the upcoming midterm elections, one organization is making sure the Asian American vote is heard.

Eric Salcedo is the national field director for APIAVote. The next two weeks he says is critical in getting the vote out — and there is one encouraging factor.

“Filipinos are very much engaged in the political process and dare I say, we are one of the few Asian ethnicities that are split right down the middle when it comes to favorability of looking at the Republican party or the Democratic party. In my mind, that just shows that Filipinos are prime target for different parties because we are literally a swing community.”

According to APIAVote’s latest survey, published October 9th, 92 percent of Filipinos said that they plan to vote on November 6th.

“Campaigns they have limited time and resources and money, so they are only going to persuade regular voters. Our goal as a nonpartisan organization is to turn Filipino Americans, other Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders into regular voters so they are automatically lumped into the universe of regular voters that campaigns will contact.”

The survey, conducted by phone and online from August 23rd to October 4th this year, showed that Filipinos are also split at 48 percent when asked about whether they approve or disapprove of Trump’s job performance.

On the upcoming house race, Filipinos are again split, 40 percent for each party candidate.

But more Filipino voters outside of California are inclined to vote for a Republican Senate candidate.

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  • Mario
    25 October 2018 at 3:53 am - Reply

    Under Trump administration, Asian American are at the lowest un-employment ever recorded in US history. Democrat left and some millennials, are obsessed hatred on Trump, but admit US economy is good, because they got jobs. So half of the Democrat left and millennials will never vote, prefer to stay home…. But if you force them to vote, chances are they will vote for GOP, reason, Asian culture comes in, GRATITUDE it is in their blood. They knew this Administration created JOB CHOICE. Job choice means you can quit now and have 4-5 jobs to work on. This is how good our economy is..