George Tyndall’s alleged Fil-Am victim calls the former gynecologist’s arrest a “huge step in moving forward”

LOS ANGELES — A year after sexual harassment allegations against George Tyndall first came out — the former University of Southern California gynecologist was arrested and charged on Wednesday with 29 felony counts, including 18 counts of sexual penetration, and 11 counts of sexual battery by fraud.

He could face jail time of up to 53 years.

One of the first alleged victims to come forward was Filipino American Daniella Mohazab, who said Tyndall assaulted her in 2016. During a news conference with her attorney, Gloria Allred, Mohazab called his arrest a huge step in moving forward.

“I broke down at work today in tears of happiness that Tyndall is behind bars. I cannot explain how scared I felt walking around with the thought that I could run into Tyndall at any moment, in a grocery store, a coffee shop or a park. Thank you to the LAPD and to the law enforcement officers for their hard work in investigating this case.”

Allred is representing two of the 16 women in the criminal case against Tyndall — but would not confirm if Mohazab is one of them.

“We and many victims of dr. Tyndall are extremely happy that justice has finally begun in the criminal system. We do represent at least two of the accusers in the criminal case, we will not be disclosing their names at this time. Instead, we will refer to them as jane doe. We do wish to state however that we are very proud of the courage that they have demonstrated in speaking to law enforcement about their allegations.”

More than 700 women — ages 17 to 29 — have filed individual civil lawsuits against Tyndall and USC in state court.

For their part, USC has agreed to pay a $215 million class-action settlement with Tyndall’s former patients.

Tyndall’s medical license has been suspended since 2018.

Meanwhile, Tyndall, who was sent to a hospital following his arrest due to chest pains, has proclaimed his innocence.

His bail has been set at $2.1 million; arraignment has not been scheduled.

“I commend these women for coming forward. I understand that this experience has been emotionally devastating,” said District Attorney Jackie Lacey. “You have my word that my office will not rest until justice is served in this case.”

While hundreds of women over have accused Tyndall of sexual assault, law enforcement officials have explained that some of the accusations had exceeded the statute of limitations, or may have had insufficient evidence, however, they haven’t ruled out the possibility of more charges against the former gynecologist.

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