Geena Rocero on making Playboy history, NYC gay/trans-panic defenses ban

NEW YORK —Filipino trans rights activist and model Geena Rocero made history, as the first transgender AAPI to pose as a Playboy playmate in its gender and sexuality issue on Pride Month.

Rocero appears in the magazine’s most coveted spot – the centerfold of Playboy’s summer 2019 edition.

French model Ines Rau takes the honor of becoming Playboy’s first ever transgender centerfold.

Rocero is also celebrating another milestone as a trans rights activist.

As New York legislators approved a ban on the use of the “gay panic” and “transgender panic” defenses in murder cases on Wednesday.

Gay panic defense is described as when a defendant justifies a violent act by claiming that they suffer temporary insanity upon finding out a victim’s gender identity or sexual orientation.

“The trans-panic ban here in NYC, and me being part of Playboy, being celebrated, confirms that transwomen and transpeople are human beings that deserve respect, to be affirmed and celebrated and for so long these trans-panic defense has been used to weaponize to oppress people, dehumanize people.”

Trans women like Rocero believe that this gay and trans panic ban will send a loud message to prosecutors, judges and juries and even defense attorneys that a victim’s sexuality cannot be weaponized and that they cannot leave it to the judges and juries to make a decision based on a vague defense claim known as trans panic.

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  • Tiago Del Mundo
    22 June 2019 at 3:09 am - Reply

    According to Wil G-Med Acob, Fil-Am Doctor based in New York, people like Geena Rocero who was lost from reality a long time ago would go out desperately self-proclaiming herself as a Playboy centerfold? Who in the right mind would look at a Playboy magazine and come to find out some dressed like a lady but he is a man? So, is Playboy going to show Rocero’s genitals being taped off and re-routed to the back