Geena Rocero calls on LGBT community to make PH vote count

HOLLYWOOD – Geena Rocero, Filipina model, TV host, producer and trans-rights activist, advocates for a certain segment of the population to take a stand at the upcoming Philippine elections.

“I think the LGBT community in the Philippines is a big vote,” said Rocero. “Now more than ever we need to stand up and work together and demand the things that matter to us, the policies that affect us, the anti-discrimination bill, the gender recognition law.”

She adds that aside from voting, LGBT community members should speak louder about their concerns.

“We participate in the economy in the Philippines,” said Rocero. “Trans-people, LGBT people have always part of the society in the Philippines. For the longest time, we were not recognized politically. But right now, now more than ever, it’s important to speak up.”

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