Game Developers Conference brings video gaming industry and Filipino developers together

SAN FRANCISCO — The annual Game Developers Conference held in San Francisco is usually where fans and industry folk see the big announcements from the major players.

One of the noisemakers this year was certainly Google, who jumped in the gaming space with Stadia, touted to be a new online gaming platform.

But amidst all the talks, keynotes, and presentations there was a significant delegation of developers from the Philippines and Fil-Am developers based in North America.

Game developer Ian Torres believes Pinoys have a huge edge in the gaming industry, especially among Asians.

Another developer from the Philippines at GDC, is Keana Almario, though still in college, she wants to make an impact in the gaming community — not just as a Filipina, but as a woman who wants to change the game.

“Not all games are just shooting and sports. And then I really wanted to design more games like that more games that involve like the revolved less around killing and you know, competition and more about caring and the self-expression.”

Keana came to GDC as part of a non-profit called dames making games, it’s now also her passion to make the industry more inclusive and diverse.”

“This industry is very male-dominated as with a lot of tech industries, but it is growing things to a lot of nonprofit organizations popping up … all these women trying to support other women and telling them that, hey, it’s not that bad. We are here too, we can support you in case you feel scared. I think it’s really important because having a diverse set of team members, also make sure your game is okay, from all perspectives.”

Keana and Ian are just two of a growing number of Pinoys heavily involved in the gaming industry. And with the passion and cultural pride they have at this early stage, the future looks bright for Filipinos making more of an impact in the highly competitive world of game development.

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