Gabe Bondoc looks back on YouTube beginnings

DALY CITY, CA — Filipino American musician Gabe Bondoc co-headlined the Kasayahan Festival in Daly City, CA, in honor of Filipino American History Month.

With his trusted guitar and a microphone — Bondoc performed to the delight of his fans who sang along to his original music.

And its community events like this one that hit a soft spot for this independent artist.

“I posted a little something on Instagram how special it is to play at these because it reminds of when I started. I wasn’t on YouTube yet. I didn’t have any followers. Instagram wasn’t around. Twitter wasn’t around. And so it was these events and the coordinators and the people who were putting it together that believed in me and said, oh, he can play, he can sing. And I’m just blessed to be able to share the music I was creating.”  

Bondoc has been creating music for over a decade now, and found fame as one of the early musical sensations on YouTube.

He says consistency is key to keep up with technology.

“A big part of what I try to do is just try to understand there’s another song on the horizon. There’s another idea for YouTube. There’s another Instagram post someone needs to see just beyond that point of I don’t want to do it… it’s one little post at a time.”  

Bondoc, who is married and has two kids, credits his family for his newfound motivation to continue to create music, and be able to provide for them — all while pursuing his passion.

“It’s such a blessing to be able to see them experience different cultures, different cities, different countries… all because I decided I wanted to play the guitar.”

This past July, Bondoc released an EP entitled “The One” — which features new and revisited original songs from over 10 years ago, with a modern take.

Bondoc is also getting ready to hit the road again as his music will bring him throughout the U.S. and other parts around the world.

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