Gab Valenciano says he found ‘true self’ in the U.S.

SAN FRANCISCO – When Gab Valenciano takes the stage with Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano, it’s clear he’s his father’s son. The dancer, actor, and musician had an explosive career in the Philippines.

But he gave it all up to pursue his American Dream.

He said, “Living the life in Manila, I had my own apartment, I had everything I could have dreamed of and I would come home and stay up until six, seven am —- pondering — there’s something missing, there’s something that’s not there.”

Gab, who still performs occasionally for kababayans all over the U.S. is now more focused on a different kind of craft. He shared, “I’m finally doing what I love to do — which is production work, being behind the camera…and this is something that I thought would happen in the next few years maybe and now that it’s happening continuously, it’s been a big blessing to me, my family and my wife of course.”

And Gab is clearly doing well.

His Super Selfie videos on Youtube have inspired Beyonce’s 7/11 video. And now, he’s among the video’s choreographers nominated for an MTV Music Video Award.

“What I love about living in the U.S. is that there’s so much respect for production. A lot of people in Manila are so drenched into being in front, being a celebrity, being famous, while here — they’re the unsung heroes — the people behind that create these things that nobody knows about,” he pointed out.

While he’s reaping the fruits of his labor now, Gab admitted it hasn’t been easy. But the sacrifices, he said, are definitely worth it. He shared, “Here — I’m starting from scratch. I had to rely literally on my craft. I can’t rely on anything else, on anybody else. I can’t rely on my family and everything here — you got to work for it — and that is the beauty of it, because you really value where you are, what you’ve accomplished — whether big or small.”

Throughout his journey to make a name of his own in the U.S., Gab said, ultimately, he’s learned about the more important things in life. He said, “You know what — I have 50 percent less of what I used to have whether it’s a car I used to have, or my motorcycles, or the place I used to live in — but I feel so much more complete at home.”

And for Gab, the most important thing he’s found in America — is his true self.

He concluded, “I’m me here and I think that is very important, especially when I have kids of my own one day. I can tell them, it’s not all about the lights. It’s not all about the fame or the money. It’s about being happy.”

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