Why Gab Valenciano broke from Manila to focus on US career

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – In between different showbiz projects, Gab Valenciano still makes time to advocate for issues personal to him.

He was in San Francisco recently promoting a public service announcement about hepatitis B due to the large amount of Filipinos chronically infected with the virus.

“It’s just something to really spread the awareness of the fact that you might have it and you might not even know and so just have yourself checked,” said Gab. “It wouldn’t take an entire day.”

Gab is also busy teaming up with Western Union in the #poweringpinoys campaign by producing and shooting all the videos.

“When they told me the whole premise, it really connected Filipinos with one another and helping Filipinos internationally, not just locally. That really pushed me and I said let’s do it,” said Gab.

Known for his honesty on social media, Gab eluded to taking a break from commitments in Manila to focus more on his career in the US.

Gab goes on to tweet about how the obsession with fame in the Philippines made him break away as an artist.

“There’s this obsession with fame that is really saddening because at the end of the day, fame will get you nowhere,” said Gab. “Just be yourself. A lot of people out there want to be something else to make it and I think that is the worst thing to do.”

Gab is planning to shoot his first series of short films this summer while providing more content for his YouTube channel.

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