Free new website assists consumers in financial trouble

by Rommel Conclara, ABS-CBN News


SAN MATEO, CA — Many Americans may be in credit card debt post the Christmas shopping season.

But a free new website from the non-profit Housing and Economic Rights Advocates, or HERA, is designed to help shoppers in California find lesser-known lenders to help them out of debt, and provide that extra cash that they need. consolidates many of the unknown, yet effective programs people can use to assist them in any sort of money troubles.

They say borrowers who may not qualify for more traditional forms of lending — like undocumented immigrants, or anyone with damaged credit — can benefit from their service.

“It took us about a year to put this website together, because we had to spend many, many hours contacting agencies and organizations to see what services are actually available to the public,” said Attorney Maeve Elise Brown, HERA executive director. “So trying to do the research to find real, reputable, and good resources for people just took forever.”

Atty. Brown ensures that the website was designed to be very user-friendly.

“So the way we have this organized — you look at the webpage, and it shows you the different kinds of things for which money is available,” she explained. “For example, if I need money for transportation, we explain that could mean money to repair my car, or because I need money for public transportation. Or I need money for my mortgage. Or I need money for utilities or for school, you can click on those words, the website asks you which county you live in, and then you go to all the information for the thing you want in that county.”

In order to serve all those living in California, will be available in multiple languages, including Tagalog, by the end of January.


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