Free, faster Wi-Fi in CA’s San Mateo County

DALY CITY, CA — War Memorial community center in Daly City became one of the newest sites to feature free, faster Wi-Fi courtesy of San Mateo County.

Former Daly City mayor and now San Mateo District 5 Supervisor David Canepa says that providing high speed internet access at no cost is the 21st century equivalent to building roads, especially for young people.

“We live in the heart of Silicon Valley and we know that when you have employers such as Facebook, Google, Visa, Genetech; this technology is going to help our students and making sure we have the leaders for the 21st century,” said Canepa.

Canepa adds that the tools of the past must be replaced, so students can be better prepared for the next wave of technological advances.

“He has a good point of how we don’t use pens and pencils as much anymore. Technology has evolved around our world today, and I think in the future it’s going to be a lot much better,” said high school senior Kyle Bautista.

The Free Public Wi-Fi project began three years ago so San Mateo residents can go to designated sites to access the Internet.

So far, there are 30 available sites throughout the county and are constantly getting upgraded.

“We’ve expanded it so that the speeds are faster and that more users can be on. And rather just be in the library, it covers the whole footprint here,” said Canepa. “And so not only does it benefit students but small businesses.”

Those working on the WiFi spots say that the WiFi is 50 percent faster compared to when they started three years ago.

Public officials here say that they share in Canepa’s vision of providing  internet accessibility to all residents in the county.

“This is just one step. Once we get our fiber up and going rest assured you’re going to see more Wi-Fi spots not only in Daly City but in the surrounding cities in San Mateo county,” said Daly City Mayor Glenn Sylvester.

Six more Wi-Fi spots are scheduled to be added before the end of this budget cycle.


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