Freddie Roach: I need six weeks to get Manny ready for Mayweather

HOLLYWOOD – While Top Rank CEO Bob Arum and Coach Freddie Roach met with reporters at the Wild Card Gym on Tuesday to promote up and coming Chinese star Zou Shiming, they couldn’t escape questions about a Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather mega bout.

When asked about the Pac-May fight, Arum said, “I know nothing”.

“I want big fights to happen because that’s the only way we get to stay on top of the sport,” Roach said.

With the proposed May 2 fight date drawing closer and no official word yet on the contract’s progress, Pacman’s trainer said it needs to be finalized within the coming weeks so they can begin training camp.

“I need at least six weeks to get Manny ready for the fight,” Roach said.

Even if a Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight does not pan out, Roach may still have to face the undefeated American. Roach also trains Miguel Cotto who is rumored as Mayweather’s backup plan.

While Cotto lost to Mayweather in 2012 before he joined Roach, Roach believes that either one of his prize fighters can beat Mayweather.

“After the first fight together against a tough opponent, but not a world class guy, he told me if I was in this kind of shape for the Floyd Mayweather fight. I would know that (expletive) out,” Roach said.

He also said despite all the buzz on the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, he remains focused on the fights that are happening — specially Shiming’s big title match in Macau next month.

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