Frances Tariga on becoming an elite Manhattan chef

NEW YORK — ‘Top Chef’ alum Frances Tariga has a new kitchen to helm, at The Wayfarer NYC.

Chef Tariga was recently tapped as the executive chef of E-Squared hospitality, an international restaurant group including restaurants by celebrity Chef David Burke.

The Observer says The Wayfarer is the media elite’s favorite restaurant, where Tina Fey, Drew Barrymore, and other celebrities were regulars.

The Wayfarer opened with the idea of offering a cool dining destination.

Tariga says it’s why breaking into New York City’s professional kitchens like The Wayfarer is no easy task.

Formerly an executive chef in Middle East, Tariga says it’s all about starting from the bottom and working your way up.

“The pay will suck in the beginning, it’s not that good. You gotta learn everything, from peeling the potatoes, from roasting bell peppers, just be patient know everything, it will all pay off after like maybe 5 years, work in a decent restaurant.”

Her biggest advice for Filipino chefs trying to make it in the Big Apple is: “You gotta be real tough, you gotta have a thick skin in order for you to make it, a lot of Filipinos are like, it’s ok, yeah no problem… no, you gotta say no if you don’t want it.”

It may take a long time, Chef Tariga says, but it’s all worth it if it’s your dream to become the next big chef in the Big Apple.

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