Former Pinay food blogger writes about surviving childhood sexual abuse in new book

She was known as Marian the Foodie — a prominent food blogger and marketing expert when it came to Filipino food.

But four years ago, the entrepreneur/blogger Marian Bacol Uba left Southern California for South Beach, and switched careers.

But her real reason for the change may be a bit tougher to digest.

“I had such a double life I did really well career wise, and then I had the other side which I was depressed suicidal, because obviously when you undergo a lot of trauma you kind of do a lot of things you’re not supposed to do,” said Bacol-Uba.

Her trauma came from her family. She eventually revealed in a blog post that she is a survivor of sexual abuse as a child.

The change of scenery helped. Discovering alternative healing, she’s been able to empower herself, and is now on a mission to help others.

“I started healing and then I realized the last step was to get it out. Part of my own healing was to write it down and to actually come out with it.”

Long before more women spoke out about their sexual assault experiences through the #MeToo movement, Bacol-Uba’s revealing post had evolved into a new mission.

She’s now writing a book: From Survivor to Thriver, hich has gotten traction on GoFundMe, as she tries to raise self-money for self-publishing.

While she’s at about halfway of her $10,000 dollar goal, she may not need to self-publish it as book agents and publishers have shown interest.

“I didn’t realize how many people I had given inspiration to about that topic then I don’t know, I felt like a renewed sense of purpose,” she shared. “I started writing it, and I realized how I want to share my journey of how I went from to where I use to be to where I am now, and I’m still growing. I’m still healing.”

While she no longer goes on her food trips, she still uses her marketing and social media skills through a YouTube channel and a soon-to-launch podcast — hoping to empower more survivors, especially Asian American women.

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